Discrimination at Adelphia’s restaurant Deptford NJ

Discrimination at Adelphia’s restaurant Deptford NJ

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at Adelphia’s restaurant in Deptford, NJ, I faced the most Discriminatory, Demoralizing and Prejudicial behavior I have ever encounter in my 49 years of living.


Upon entering Adelphia’s (while waiting for family and friends who were a part of a celebratory party to show love and support for my little sister in Christ birthday) we were dismissively greeted by a “hostess” who addressed those of us in attendance as such, “I take it you’re all here for the [hosts last name] party” We replied yes.  Her next condescending reply was, “Oh well its’ getting late and we really don’t have the space and our cook will be leaving soon, but we’ll do what we can.”

Now please keep in mind it was only 7:48pm and Adelphia’s hours on Sundays’ are from              9:00 AM – 2:00 AM

After the honoree arrived (about 10 mins later) we were led to our arranged larger group seating area in a dining area off of the regular seating area for patrons; all began to be seated.

We immediately explained to the hosting waitress that several of us would be paying via debit/credits etc.  She than exclaimed, “we cannot except any more than two (2) credit cards for a large party, everyone else will have to pay in cash or use our ATM (incurring a $2.50 service fee to extract monies), she further stated, “if there’s a problem you can speak with my manager” of which we did.  We explain the situation and the manager reiterated exactly almost verbatim what the waitress had said.  This pretty much forced everyone’s hand to either come up with cash or order their food from another area in the restaurant or bar area, of which several attendees did.  Nevertheless, we still tried to enjoy the fun and fellowship amidst family and friends.

At the end of our meals, after several guests had departed our waitress presented the check.  We looked at the check to ensure accuracy.  We noticed several discrepancies (soda changes that were not ordered, food items that were never ordered and/or had been paid for by other attendees in separate areas of the restaurant etc.)  We (in a docile manner) brought this to the waitress’ attention. She said, I’ll make the adjustments (in a very revolting tone).  I also presented the waitress with a debit card and asked that $20.00 be debited from this card and the remaining balance would be paid in cash.

Itemization of the bill:

Original bill  $376.56
Minus debit $20.00
Remaining balance before adjustment $356.56
Estimated adjust should have been $14.29
New adjusted total (estimated) $342.29 18% gratuities included


Upon the waitress’ return our bill was still incorrect showing $356.56 total owed.  We once again explained the discrepancy in the bill and also exclaimed to the waitress, you just told use that you were going to correct this, so why does the original charges yet still appear?  She became very upset, snatched the check and proceed to their kitchen area.  Almost instantly, a man (overtly muscled man with rolled up sleeves and an apron) evolved from behind a wall, came over to our table and bellowed with his chest poked out and face turning RED; “you’ll are going to pay this bill and get out!”

We tried to explain to this man; first, the way you’re speaking to us will not be tolerated and additionally you are not being professional about this issue.  You should be asking what happened.

The man (in yet still an aggressive tone, mannerism and posture) said to us, “I don’t care what the issue is, my waitress is in the kitchen crying and it’s all you’ll fault!”  During this exchange, a female manager was standing in the doorway, she said (yelling)”I’m over all YOU people and I’m calling the cops!”

My self, five (5) adults and two (2) babies are all that is present all during this escapade.  We sat calmly waiting for the Deptford Twp. Police to arrive.  Their arrival brought seven (7) patrol cars and twelve (12) officers.  The officers came in, one came over to our table in a calm manner, especially after noticing no-one was acting irate and we all appear to be courteous , he asked what was going on?  We explained the entire situation to him.  The officer slightly chuckled and said, that’s all this is about, and you guys are clearly trying to pay your bill?” He then said, “Let me talk with the manager, have your bill adjusted than everything should be ok, alright?”  We said yes officer.  Another officer apologized, telling another attendee the reason so many officers came is because they were told there was 20 to 25 people acting irate and refusing to pay their bill. (a total lie!)

The officer comes back with the adjusted bill, we place all cash in the black bill fold that the bill/check came in and everyone proceeded to leave the restaurant.  I was at the tail end while leaving, that same man with the overtly muscled man with rolled up sleeves and an apron blocked the doorway preventing me from leaving, saying in a very aggressive and dogmatic tone, posture and manner, “you’re not going anywhere until you pay your check!”   I replied, “first of all you’re going to get out of my face yelling, secondly I am going to leave your restaurant and thirdly we left the money on the table!”

I than moved to the side in the process of once again trying to leave, this same man once again blocked me from leaving, saying in a very threatening manner and posture, “you’re not going anywhere and you’re going to pay your bill, why didn’t you bring the money up front?”  By this time other attendees are yelling at him to get out of my face and we had left the money on the table.  The man slightly moved out of my way running outside to take pictures of the license plate of one of the attendee’s vehicle, while the female manager was standing on the restaurant steps yelling at us saying, “Never come back to our restaurant again, YOU ALL aren’t welcome here.


This was a blatant example and display of the times we are living in. The deplorable, disgusting, degrading degradation, prejudices, arrogance, obnoxious, inhuman and insolence that we as African Americans (i.e. Black people) face daily in all shapes, forms and sizes.  It doesn’t matter how well we are dressed, how prolific we speak nor the tones of our skin.  We must wake up and realize that this behavior is not acceptable nor should it be tolerated in any sense.  We as people of various ethnicities  need to bind together and stop patronizing establishments, businesses etc., that allow this type of behavior or employ people who exhibit this type of conduct.    I am sure this is not the first time persons of ethnic heritage have experienced this type behavior at this establishment, but I should be the last!

I ask everyone, especially those of ALL ethnic heritages, Please stop patronizing Adelphia’s Restaurant in Deptford, NJ.  We must send a message that this type of comportment is not and will not be tolerated, NOT NOW! NOT EVER AGAIN!

Please share this with everyone you know.

#StandUpForWhatsRight  #EnoughIsEnough  #WeveHadAllWeCanStand

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